Archbishop Andres Ayala SOSMA


Archbishop Ayala is a Archbishop of our international Order from Paraguay he is a very knowledgeable theologist and Will be help our Other Bishops in the international order with all of the teaching in the new International Seminary

Daniel Bahena

Deacon / Exorcist in training

Deacon/ Exorcist in Training Daniel was ordained a deacon with the SOSMA international and the Lutheran church on October 2021 he will be serving the SOSMA INTERNATIONAL in Columbia South America

Priest SOSMA International


Padre Alirio Castellanos Sierra was made a Priest in the S.O.S.M.A INTERNATIONAL on February 7, 2002. He will be working in the ministry and doing whatever is needed and assigned by the Archbishop.

Arch. Orlando Maple


SOSMA International member, Rector of the World Apostolic Educational Foundation of Exorcists FEMAE, Bishop President of the Donatist Church, Exorcist, spiritual advisor and missionary.

Arch. Jose Arcangel Rios


Novice of SOSMA International Priory Bishop President of the Church Servants of Love of Christ Pura Vida, Rector of the Sanctuary of Our Lady Undoer of Knots in Huila. Exorcist and spiritual guide in Pitalito - Huila