The United Episcopal Catholic Communion, Solomonic Order of Saint Michael the Archangel Religious Order, was founded on September 1, 2017, by former Prior General Rev. Archbishop Vendegna and former Rev. Archbishop Rawcliffe. After the passing of the founder, Fr. Kenneth Torres, D.D. took over leadership.

Our monastery-based church, affiliated with the Solomonic Order of St. Michael the Archangel (S.O.S.M.A.), is in San Francisco, California. We are open to all faiths and walks of life, operating as a Monastery, Home Base Ministry, and Virtual Ministry.

S.O.S.M.A. has an Arch Diocese in San Francisco and another in California, with a new Diocese in Columbia, South America, led by Archbishop Father Cristian Camilo Piedrahita. Archbishop Kenneth Torres oversees the Archdiocese of California.

As an independent Catholic Faith-Based Monastery Church under the Old Catholic Church, we conduct daily Mass and offer prayers for various needs. Our services include weddings, funerals, baptisms, and ceremonies for people of all faiths. If you have any questions, please get in touch with +1-(650) 204-0211.

S.O.S.M.A. features a Seminary for priest formation and Exorcism Studies for clergy appointed by their bishops. Our affiliated seminary is St. Charles Borromeo Seminary ( []( Note that exorcism training is conducted separately by Archbishop Torres.

Our Archdiocese operates 24/7, and priests are available at any time. In case of sickness or someone passing away, call +1-(707) 652-8490. During the Lenten Season, the San Francisco Diocese is open 24/7 for similar needs.

Every day, a Mass is said for communities and departed souls seeking forgiveness for their sins.

Leadership includes Rev. Archbishop Kenneth Torres, D.D., Reverend Mother Talia Samedi, Rev. Archbishop Cristian Piedrahita, and Ret. Rev. Archbishop Matthew J. Rawcliffe.

S.O.S.M.A. USA, founded by Rev. Archbishop Michael R. Vendegna and Archbishop Matthew J. Rawcliffe, has administrators in various states, including Archbishop Kenneth Torres and Archbishop Cristian Camilo Piedrahita. We are part of the United Episcopal Catholic Communion of the Solomonic Order Of Saint Michael The Archangel USA.

We welcome individuals of all faiths to consider becoming ordained clergy or joining us. Contact Archbishop Kenneth Torres, D.D. at +1-(707) 652-8490 for information.

We are not affiliated with the Vatican/Rome, but our recognition is based on "DOMINUS IESUS," Pope John Paul II issued on June 16, 2000. The Roman Catholic Church acknowledges our ties through apostolic succession and a valid Eucharist.

[Link to "DOMINUS IESUS"](

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