Policy for Deliverance and Exorcism

For Catholics or non-Catholics, the first step is to request an appointment with our clergy.

During the appointment, the clergy will listen to the person’s history, provide pastoral counseling, pray, and, depending on the nature of the case, fill out the required “Intake Form.”

Suppose the person still considers themself under spiritual oppression or attack. In that case, they are referred for a consultation with a mental health professional of their choice to help discern any medical or mental health conditions before deliverance sessions.

Once the mental health professional can complete their assessment and deliver it to the deliverance team, the deliverance/exorcism lay coordinator will call the person to work out the logistics of a prayer ministry session.

The person will be offered a date, time, and virtual link by the

deliverance ministry led by the designated clergy.

The person will receive a 30-day prescription of prayer to help strengthen their spiritual life. This is part of the pre-care and post-care. Pastoral post-care is done with your local church.

We want you to know that confidentiality is assured throughout the process.

The deliverance team will prayerfully discern if the person’s situation is a case for the exorcist.

If significant exorcism rites are required, the lay coordinator will advise the person regarding the next steps.

Parents seeking ministry for a son or daughter under eighteen may start by making an appointment for their child with tour clergy, and the above outline is the same.

While parents may desire ministry for children over 18, at that age, the son or daughter must take the initiative in their care and follow the above outline.

Policy on Deliverance of a Place

Any priests may pray for the liberation of a place.

Those seeking the blessing or cleansing of their home or business should contact us.

The bishop’s protocol provides the proper prayers.

Please be assured that the bishop and clergy of the order understand that your needs are real and pressing. They will not be ignored. Any delay that may be necessary is likely due to the number of requests lined up at any given time.

For additional information and resources, one should contact Reverend Mother Superior Talia at mothersuperior@sosmausa.com