Archbishop  Emeritus Matthew Racliffe
Past Clergy

Archbishop Matthew J. Rawcliffe S.O.S.M.A Former Prior General / Chief Exorcist (Emeritus Status) Archbishop Matthew Rawcliffe Was Ordained a Priest and Consecrated A Bishop With The Solomonic Order Of Saint Michael, The Archangel Religious Orders On The 2nd Day Of April In The Year Of Our Lord 2021. On May 2nd, he has Consecrated Archbishop. Archbishop Rawcliffe is the Prior General of The Solomonic Order of Saint Michael the Archangel Religious Orders USA. Archbishop Matthew Rawcliffe Is the Chief Exorcist of The Ministry of Exorcism and will be devising and creating the Investigation And Care Assessment Protocol. For Those Interested in The Ministry of Exorcism and the S.O.S.M.A Seminary and school of Exorcism. Archbishop Rawcliffe is also Senior Chaplain for the S.O.S.M.A Chaplain Corps. Archbishop Rawcliffe is currently going through the Doctoral program for Esoteric Interfaith Seminary.